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About us

With millions of unique people living on this earth, each of them is finding a way to stand out of the crowd or to blend in with the others. It does not matter on what side of the spectrum you are, it is all about expressing you as an individual, you as who you are. For those people who are guided by their gut feeling, by passion and emotion, for them we live. For them we are here, LIVE-TO-EXPRESS.

Even though the fashion industry brings us wonderful trends and items, to express your own identity, there is sometimes an extra romantic and emotional dimension needed. Why just wear brand new items, if there are still so many extraordinary vintage pieces out there. Those needed items are lost in the wilderness of the vast moving fashion industry. We at LIVE-TO-EXPRESS, have shined a light on some of those items.

LIVE-TO-EXPRESS has created a catalogue with the most unique sets of ear jewellery. Dated from the 60’s up to the 90’s, but never worn before. By offering a wide range of styles, you will always find a set of earrings that not only match, but also adds to your personal style. Ultimately our mission is to inspire and we hope that our vintage gems inspire you to live to express.

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VAT registration number: BE0730.570.544

Jan van Rijswijcklaan 36-11

2018 Antwerp