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Talk with Liezl Vervloet, owner of vintage design store Pomchi.li

On a grey day, early March, we had a date with Liezl Vervloet. That day she was showing us which items she wanted to combine with her favourite LTE ear jewelry to shoot her in later that month. We were absolutely bewildered when we found out that Liezl¬†does NOT HAVE ONE single basic item in her wardrobe. Is this telling something about our lack of creativity or comfort with extravagant pieces? From that moment on,… Continue reading

Natalia Majchrzak

Eight in the morning, we opened the doors to the balcony checking if we could spot Natalia from above. But thick fog blocked our view; as if it was a blank canvas for all untampered ideas that would come that day. An hour later, the bell of the apartment rang; hello, Natalia here, can I come in? When we opened the door, we saw a Natalia that was somewhat out of breath. She clearly took… Continue reading