LTE IS BACK 28 March 2018 – Posted in: POST

After a little bit too long of an absence, we are back at the world wide web. For the past months we have worked so hard to give you the best possible experience. Click, swipe or however you surf, we have used our retreat to optimize our website and rethink how we could make our items even more accessible for you. Blood, sweat, sleepless night and many missed parties. But it was worth it. We are proud to present you our brand new website.

Not only our website has taken a huge overhaul, also our way of working has taken a different direction. As you may know, for us it’s all about expressing yourself. Expressing who your are, what you believe and what is driving you in life. Since our aim is to inspire people, we decided to do this not only with our items, we want you to be inspired by others as well.

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We therefore strongly support those who are exploring the possibilities in expression. These people are the ones that are changing the way we see fashion, how we discover new grounds and how we keep exploring. No limitations, it can be via photography, styling, hair and make up or even dreaming. We want to give these people a spotlight and a podium by collaboration with them.

And so we did, we started a collaboration with Natalia Majchrzak, born in Poland, raised in Antwerp. Natalia shot the first LTE shoot during our reincarnation, together with the talented, stunning and lovely Bogenna Ivana. The natural synergy between those two, resulted in a collection of imagery that gives you a true 80s vibe. Go check out the result and Natalia’s story in blog post nr. 02.

Caesar's Swirl Gold

Long story short, we are back and we are proud to share the lost gems again with you. But our ‘hi, we are finally back’ moment is not complete without a little party. Therefor we want to give you free shipping on all orders above €15,-.

Lots of love,


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