Natalia Majchrzak 28 March 2018 – Posted in: COLLAB

Eight in the morning, we opened the doors to the balcony checking if we could spot Natalia from above. But thick fog blocked our view; as if it was a blank canvas for all untampered ideas that would come that day. An hour later, the bell of the apartment rang; hello, Natalia here, can I come in? When we opened the door, we saw a Natalia that was somewhat out of breath. She clearly took an effort to be in time. The needless question, if she wanted some coffee, was answered with a craving voice: ‘YES, a huge cup please’. With her fresh hot shot of highly needed caffeine, she walked around and observed the model, props, playground, her canvas of that day.

by Natalia Majchrzak

When we asked her to be our first LTE collaborator, we knew that we were dealing with a pure, slightly unorganised, no-nonsense photographer and truly lovable girl that managed to win our hearths even more that day. Born in Poland and raised in Antwerp, 19 years young Natalia Majchrz is a photographer and artist that captures contrasts in life with an unique personal and working approach.

Already in the early ages, Natalia was a very creative child. She spent lots of hours drawing, reading artbooks and playing at a theatre group. It was therefore no surprise that she ended up at the high school for art in Antwerp, De Kunsthumaniora. Initially she wanted to study drama, until audio-visual courses came on her path. Surprised by herself, her unexpected fascination for photography got a hold on her and resulted in a change of course. From a child that found highly styled, almost artificial, fashion photographs intriguing to a lose-working approach, pure and contrast-capturing photographer.

Goldish Boldy Hoops

Half past nine and an empty coffee mug later, she grabbed her camera. We were about to witness Natalia’s way of working and to see her creative process being activated. After a few minutes and some photo’s later, we were witness of Natalia’s, fairly quick, transformation. She was getting into the moment more and more. It almost felt as if after every photo she took, another idea popped into her head already. It was clearly to see that she is not the kind of photographer that is following a strict choreography with a complete pre-study. When her brain is triggered, she takes the camera and captures it. No second later or any adjustments, now is the moment, in its purest form.

Natalia admits that this process is usually quite chaotic and unorganised, but for us it is a reflection of pure expression and passion. Natalia’s triggers are quite diverse. From a pretty person that passes-by, a location or imperfections. She wants to see people’s lifestyle, their story.  Although she can also be enthusiastic about someone dressed in a divine, wow-ing outfit. Sometimes these triggers are accompanied, or even enhanced, by specific movies that she has seen. It can be that a specific event, location or person can all of a sudden relate to a movie, which can give it a complete different experience to her.

Bogenna Ivana, by Natalia Majchrzak
Bogenna Ivana. by Natalia Majchrzak

Not focussing on the ideal photo, but being surprised and keeping that eye open for imperfections, contrasts and mood setting locations. Always armed with an analogue camera, Natalia is never sure what her day brings her. What she likes to capture on a picture? It can be everything from a posh dressed grandma to those “innocent” school kids that all of a sudden appear at a wild extravagant party.

The music was turned louder, combined with higher frequency of fired flashlight you could safely say, Natalia was taking over the place. Her creative process was going on full speed and we loved it. This is why we wanted to collaborate with Natalia, with people who forget everything around them, who are driven by passion and their gut feeling.

Remarkably enough, during the shoot Natalia admitted that she has often anxiety to fail. We can promise you one thing, after an intensive day with her, fear of failure is the last thing we expected from Natalia. With boxes full of analogue pictures and thousands of images stored on her hard drives, Natalia is afraid that those images will vanish into thin air. But it is this “fear of failure” that is holding her back from doing something with this unused material; like sharing it with the rest of the world.

Bogenna Ivana, by Natalia Majchrzak

But we do believe in her talent and the world’s need of – Natalia’s images -. When you are scrolling through her Instagram feed, you see tough femininity, authenticity and roughness captured on pictures, with sexuality as a recurring subject.

After a long intensive day, we rounded up at eleven o’clock in the evening. Natalia ate the last prop, our well styled burger and left.

Want to see more of her work? Check out @nataliamajchr on Instagram.